That’s a wrap for 2019!
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That’s a wrap for 2019!

That’s a wrap for 2019!

Saturday was the last of almost 20 weddings this year which is right in my sweet spot. Back when I was full time in the DC area, I was doing 40-50 weddings per year … and the grind really got to me. Lots of times I didn’t even bother unloading my car between gigs because the next one was so soon! To be totally honest, I really stopped enjoying the work which is how I knew it was time to pull back, and I really couldn’t be happier doing the 10-20 weddings per year I do now. I’m genuinely excited about every wedding which is just such a great place to be mentally for a wedding vendor.

This year was an enjoyable mix of old and new venues. Repeat venues for me this year were:

  • Pippin Hill
  • King Family Vineyards
  • Septenary Winery
  • Mount Ida
  • Trump Winery
  • Farmington Country Club
  • Glenmore Country Club
  • Clifton Inn
  • Castle Hill Cider


New venues this year were:

  • The Market at Grelen
  • Glass House Winery
  • Blackburn Inn
  • Hermatige Hill Farm & Stables


It was also the first time in a few years I’ve done a wedding at a private residence, and this year I did two — both of which were done impeccably well. At a private residence you always worry about “event” resources like power, kitchen, bathrooms, parking, loading in and out, etc, and both of my private residence clients this year nailed it completely.

Next year, I already have a few new venues on the books like Portaferry Farm along with some of the repeats above like Pippin Hill, King Family, The Market at Grelen, and Mount Ida … and so far one venue I didn’t visit this year but have in years past (Keswick Vineyards).

If you’re looking at a 2020 date, please reach out soon!